Damon Spigle – Never Go Back Again

15-Year-Old Prodigy Damon Spigle Drops Explosive Single “Never Go Back Again” Produced by Ken Royster, Secures Major Distribution Deal with Perry Music Group, Distributed by The Orchard

Kentucky, USA – April 22, 2024 – Hold onto your hats, because the country music scene is about to witness a seismic shift as Damon Spigle, the 15-year-old wunderkind from Eastern Kentucky, unleashes his latest sonic bombshell, “Never Go Back Again.” With vocals that echo the very soul of the Bluegrass State and lyrics that cut to the core of universal truths, Spigle is poised to not just push, but obliterate the boundaries of the genre, captivating audiences on a global scale.

Inspired by the legends-Johnny Cash, Hardy, Eric Church, and Zach Bryan-Spigle’s musical journey began amidst the rolling hills and verdant landscapes of Kentucky. From these fertile grounds, he absorbed the essence of country and rock, honing his craft with a passion and talent that belies his tender years. Now, armed with an arsenal of raw talent and an unquenchable fire, Spigle is ready to blaze a trail through the music industry.

In a move that has reverberated from Nashville to the farthest reaches of the globe, Damon Spigle has teamed up with the maestro of multi-platinum hits, Ken Royster, for his upcoming EP. With an awe-inspiring track record boasting 26 number one singles and collaborations with luminaries like Luke Combs, Royster is the sonic architect behind some of modern country’s most monumental hits. Together, Spigle and Royster form a powerhouse partnership destined to ignite the very soul of music itself.

“Never Go Back Again” isn’t just a song; it’s a thunderous anthem of camaraderie and resilience. It’s a clarion call to break free from the chains of the past and stride boldly into the future. With its raw emotion and searing honesty, “Never Go Back Again” serves as a rallying cry to leave behind the pain of betrayal and forge ahead toward new horizons. The clock is ticking, urging listeners to seize the moment and embark on a journey of self-discovery. So heed the call, heed the advice-don’t look back, don’t text her. Move forward with the conviction of a true pioneer, for the world awaits your next triumph.

As Damon shares with us in his own words “I he was inspired to write the song by not only going through personal experiences with toxic relationships but also by seeing and hearing other people going through the same things as me, the song is my way of explaining why not to do this and why not to go back ever again because it will only hurt you in the end, honestly I think of my little cousins when I sing this because as they get older and get to an age where they start having serious relationships I want them to always have something to help them understand there not alone. Overall, this song is just an experience that not only I’ve been through but other people as well. I’ve been there and there are songs I’ve listened to that help with breakups and wanting to get back with exes and that sort of thing and my goal is for this song to be one of those songs that everyone can go and relate to.”

“Never Go Back Again” is just the beginning of Spigle’s sonic odyssey. His forthcoming EP promises a kaleidoscopic tapestry of sound, each track offering a glimpse into the artist’s soul and musical evolution. From heartfelt ballads to foot-stomping anthems, Spigle’s EP is a testament to the transformative power of storytelling and the human experience.

“I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with a legend like Ken Royster,” says Damon Spigle. “His vision and expertise have elevated my music to stratospheric heights, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with the world.”

In addition to his musical exploits, Damon Spigle is proud to announce a groundbreaking distribution deal with Perry Music Group, distributed by The Orchard, a member of Sony Music Entertainment. This watershed moment propels Spigle to the forefront of the industry and marks a pivotal juncture in his meteoric rise.

Perry Music Group, under the stewardship of industry luminary Bryan Wayne Perry, is renowned for its unyielding commitment to artist development and groundbreaking innovation. Distributed by The Orchard, a leading music distribution and artist services company, amplifies Spigle’s reach and visibility to stratospheric levels.

“I am absolutely thrilled to embark on this exhilarating journey alongside Perry Music Group, distributed by The Orchard,” says Damon Spigle. “Their unwavering passion for music and steadfast dedication to nurturing artists is nothing short of inspiring, and I am deeply honored to collaborate with such esteemed partners.”

With the unwavering support of Perry Music Group distributed by The Orchard, Damon Spigle is primed to etch his name into the annals of music history. His forthcoming releases promise to captivate audiences worldwide, showcasing his exceptional talent and visionary artistry.

“Damon Spigle is a rare gem with boundless potential,” remarks Bryan Wayne Perry. “We are ecstatic to welcome him into the Perry Music Group family and eagerly anticipate supporting his journey every step of the way.”

Stay tuned for further updates on Damon Spigle’s musical odyssey as he blazes a trail through the annals of music history. With his debut single poised to take the charts by storm, Damon Spigle is not just on the brink of superstardom-he’s rewriting the very definition of it.

Damon Spigle’s single, “Never Go Back Again,” is available now on all major streaming platforms. For the latest news and updates, visit damonspiglemusic.com and follow him on social media @damonspiglemusic.

Jayne Denham – Lovin’ A Wild Thing

“You can’t get in the room with Jayne Denham and not be blown away by the heart and passion of her artistry. She’s so much more than just another country artist out on a stage, and when it comes to recording her albums, well, it usually starts with “What If.'” There are no boxes, no fences, and there are no chances that she won’t take. On the heels of her groundbreaking album ‘Wanted,’ we knew the next record had to move the needle to the next level. ‘Moonshine’ is that record…Jayne rolls in like a supercharged Camaro and leaves a cloud of dust with every note, spinning gravel with every song, and leaves the listener with a burn like a straight shot of Moonshine! Twist the cap off that mason jar and take a sip of the next step in Jayne Denham’s country rock artistry. You’re gonna love the taste!”

  • Brian White
    (A Grammy-nominated and No. 1 hit songwriter who has over 400 cuts to his credit, including Rascal Flatts, Trace Adkins, Jason Aldean, Gary Allan, and more)

Jayne Denham, proving again that she’s the dominant female force in Australian country rock music, unveils a new groundbreaking album titled Moonshine with the mind-blowing focus track “Lovin’ A Wild Thing.” ‘If you want the fire gotta dance in the flames, that’s what you get for lovin’ a wild thing.’ This focus track is penned by talented songwriters Brian White, Jason Sever, Ben Glover, and Chad Brownlee. The album is infused with the spirited essence of the Prohibition era of risk-taking, love affairs, and dedicated moonshine runners, the resonating themes and sounds blend uniquely in today’s modern country music scene. Drawing inspiration from the raw, wild, and action-packed sounds of that time, Jayne embarks on a sonically rich journey that evokes the spirited and illegal act of moonshine production. With Moonshine,Jayne’s musical voyage pays homage to the adventurous thrill-seekers and inevitable heartbreak that characterized a period defined by defiance and rebellion. Miranda Lambert, Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally, and Jon Randall all take part in this musical campaign, as their lyrics and songs were all chosen specifically to bring Jayne’s Moonshine album to life.

Building on the success of her chart-topping album WANTED, which earned a Golden Guitar nomination for Contemporary Album of the Year in 2022, Jayne invites listeners on an adventure with Moonshine, a 10-track album that features various Grammy-winning and Grammy-nominated songwriters, once again proving why she’s Australia’s leading country rock female artist.

Jayne has had various number-one hits with her industry peers. In March 2023, Jayne released her album title track, “Moonshine,” featuring Colt Ford, written by Cameron Jaymes, Colin Elmore, and Melissa Peirce. The boot-stomping cross-country collaboration infused Jayne’s country rock roots, captivating audiences worldwide with placements on CMT USA, CMT Official Top 30 in Australia, No. 5 on KIX Country, and CountryTown Hot 50.

The second single, “Face of the Sun,” written by Brian White, Megan Conner, and Pete Stewart, does not hold back with emotion or rawness. “Stunt Double” is an upbeat, fun, and cheeky song that makes listeners envision a movie in their minds from the minute they hear the lyrics. Written by Trevor Rosen, Hillary Lindsey, and Shane McAnally, it placed No. 1 on the Country Radio charts and landed on New Music Friday (USA). The fourth single release, “Are You Ready For This,” with Hurricane Fall, written by Jessi Alexander, Jon Randall, and Miranda Lambert, is a wild, loud, and rockin’ song that will get any party started. Landing on the Top 10 Tamworth Hottest Australian Country Hits, Top 40 Australian Airplay Chart, and No. 6 on the Country Thunder Top 30 Chart.

The final Moonshine single of the year was “Chain Smokin’,” written by Brandy Clark (Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire, Darius Rucker, and Kacey Musgraves) and hit songwriters Matt Jenkins and Trevor Rosen. If you have felt the void of being lonely and found yourself caught in a rollercoaster of emotions in a relationship to fill the gap, then the hard-hitting lyrical choice sets the stage for what’s to come.

“‘Moonshine’ is the next evolution in my series of era-inspired albums,” says Jayne. “While WANTED paid homage to the rugged, horseback days of old spaghetti westerns, this new record delves into the gritty, rebellious spirit of the prohibition era. Imagine mixing up a big pot of outlaw tales from the hills, seasoned with country rock. It’s about capturing the essence of a time when moonshiners ruled the backwoods and fast cars roared through the countryside. I wanted to infuse this album with that untamed energy and transport listeners to a world where the spirit of rebellion runs deep and the music hits hard.”

Moonshine was produced by Grammy-nominated songwriters and producers Brian White, who has earned sixteen #1 songs, two Dove Awards for Song of the Year, and the recent #1 “Blame It On You” (Jason Aldean), and Brian Bunn, whose songs have been recorded by Lee Brice, Jackson Dean, Chase Matthew, Parmalee, and more. The project incorporates a unique blend of country rock with a gritty edge. With soaring vocals, Jayne exudes her energy, captivating audiences with her renowned live shows, including most recently headlining her sold-out show at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, solidifying her status as a powerhouse in the country-rock scene.

“These stories remain wild and outlaw with a contemporary twist. I thoroughly enjoyed curating songs that perfectly complement the narrative of this album. From the badass anthems to the moments of pure fun, party vibes, and heart-wrenching ballads,” adds Jayne.

“I love crafting an album that serves as a musical journey for my fans, from the opening track, “The Moonshine Raid,” to the discovery of “Moonshine Money,” where we uncover the hidden treasures stashed away by Uncle Jimmy. In a world dominated by singles, I take pride in delivering a cohesive body of work that tells a story, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the narrative from start to finish.”

To accompany the Moonshine album, Jayne has partnered with Franklin County Distillery, located in the mountains of Virginia, known as the “Moonshine Capital of the World,” to release her own line of two different-flavored moonshines, Ridge Runner Pear and Orchard Peach. If you pre-order one of the merchandise packs, you will be entered into a drawing to win a bottle of Jayne Denham’s Moonshine, soon to be available in Australia. The full-length album, Moonshine, will be available on Friday, May 3, 2024.

Wesley Dean – Mercy

Wesley Dean is set to release his new album Music From Crazy Hearts , Friday April 26th, with the companion piece to an upcoming feature film, Crazy Hearts: The Documentary, which sees Dean hit the road with his family for an ambitious tour across America. With a director and cameraperson in tow, Dean and his family drove over 5000 miles from Nashville to Los Angeles in an RV via towns steeped in musical history playing shows off the beaten track; Memphis, New Orleans, Luckenbach, Marfa, Amarillo, Las Vegas, and more. The songs on Music From Crazy Hearts complement the soundscape to Dean’s own story of breaking the industry mold to carve out his name independently.

Along with the album’s release, Dean has also shared the neon-imbued music video for the country gospel track, “Mercy”.

Dean reflects on the album, “After a tumultuous landing in the US and string of challenges that left me wanting to quit the industry, I looked to the moon early one morning and prayed for the first time in my life, ‘God, have Mercy’. In that moment, I picked up my guitar and started playing what is now “Mercy” in its entirety, from start to finish, as you hear it today. It was one of those moments that music just flows without thought or conscious effort. It was an honest letter from the depths of my soul to God/Universe, whatever that means to you. That same morning, I also wrote the last song on the album, “Tomorrow”, which is fitting to think that they are now the bookends of the record.”

“Within a week I had written all the songs on the album, so I got together with my friend and producer, Justin Cortelyou, and through a twist of fate five days at RCA, Studio A were set. We recorded the ten songs live with very little overdubs. No autotune, no metronome, no studio tricks, just capturing a moment in time in one of the greatest rooms in musical history. For one incredible week I got to stand, sing and play where, Elvis, Dolly, Waylon, Willie, Stapleton, and so many more stood and recorded some of their most iconic music. It was a great honor just to be in the room, let alone cutting a record.”

“This album isn’t only my personal redemption, it’s an album for anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider, like they’ve been broken beyond repair, or have to fight for their authentic self to be seen. “Music From Crazy Hearts” is for anyone crazy enough to follow that tiny voice inside their heart while battling the voice inside their head against all odds and rejection, and even though they can barely see the light sometimes, muster the courage to keep believing in their dreams.”

In a glowing album review, music journalist Dana Miller writes: “From tip to stern the Music From Crazy Hearts pirate ship was destined to be a record for the road. Captured in just five flurried days at RCA, Studio A and conjuring timeless images reminiscent of Young Guns, Dean’s basaltic, corduroy-clad voice inhabits characters here like those first popularized in Gunfighter Ballads by Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash’s “Don’t Take Your Guns to Town.” Though Dean draws effortlessly and intuitively from the archetypal well of the cowboy ballads that gave original rise to American country music, and Music From Crazy Hearts solemnly salutes both Marty Stuart and Buck Owens with its integrity-driven narratives, this is not just a horse of a different color, but one pointed in a completely different direction. Music From Crazy Hearts is an album full of stories that will cleave you in half, sung by a seeker’s voice that was designed to stitch you back together in a more self-sustaining style than you were wearing yourself before.”

Leading up to the album’s release Dean shared a number of singles including the radio edit of “Gunslinger” , exclusive to AUS/NZ audiences, which CountryTown called a “raw, road-ready cowboy anthem” and premiered the live acoustic version saying, “he conjures a blues soul that’s ancient and genuine, a spirit you don’t hear in singers all that often anymore”. He also released the band version of “Blood Brothers” worldwide, which Magnet Magazine called “an epic country-tinged rocker”. Other US focused singles were “Don’t Look Back” featuring Sarah Buxton, which Glide called “a gorgeous work of country-laced Americana that resonates with all of us”, and “Burn This House”, both of which attracted early attention from BrooklynVegan, Whiskey Riff, Holler and more.

After relocating from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2021 to pursue the natural evolution of his music into the country/Americana roots rock scene, Dean released his first album dedicated to the genre, Unknown (considered for a Grammy nomination for Best Americana Album), and has quickly followed up with Music From Crazy Hearts, a dynamic musical journey deftly weaving the depth of artists like Cash and Dylan with a contemporary psychedelic cowboy vibe.

Dean was previously known and loved as the Australian Idol winner ‘Wes Carr’ of platinum single, You, and gold selling album, The Way The World Looks , fame.

Shaboozey – A Bar Song (Tipsy)

Country music’s hottest rising act Shaboozey releases his latest single ” A Bar Song (Tipsy)”. The track serves as the fourth single off the sonic outlaw’s highly anticipated album “Where I’ve Been, isn’t Where I’m Going” out May 31st.

“A Bar Song (Tipsy) ” beautifully embodies the values synonymous with the genre, filled with liquor, parties and breaking out of the routine 9-to-5. Written by Shaboozey, the track builds on the Virginia native’s devotion to country music as he sets his smooth vocals to an upbeat clap tempo and includes crowd-filled backup vocals, well-placed fiddle riffs, and a folksy acoustic guitar.

On “A Bar Song (Tipsy),” Shaboozey shares… “Early 2000s Hip-Hop and R&B were such a huge part of my childhood and I had been wanting to flip one for a while into a country song, so we did it with “Tipsy.” I love how it turned out because it’s a true blend of genres I love. It’s a song that I wanted people to hear and just wanna have fun and party!”

Shaboozey continues to break out in both country music and in pop culture. Honored with the privilege of joining Beyoncé on her critically acclaimed masterpiece COWBOY CARTER with features on Billboard Hot 100 charting tracks “SPAGHETTII” and “SWEET HONEY BUCKIIN,'” which resulted in his Billboard Hot 100 debut, the Nigerian-American artist has gained more than 12 million monthly streams.

Streaming juggernaut and critically acclaimed single “Let it Burn,” the haunting heartbreak track “Anabelle,” and most recently, “Vegas,” a sing-along ready single straight from the wild west, give fans a taste of what to expect on “Where I’ve Been, isn’t Where I’m Going”. With shows across Nashville, New York and Los Angeles this May, fans can expect a stand- outset with his latest tracks as well as to-be- released songs from the highly anticipated upcoming album.


Rising multi-media artist Shaboozey intends to build his own world, determined to carve his own lane in the Alt-Country / Hip-Hop space; he crafts a sound that pays homage to a cast of traditional western influences, such as Bob Dylan, Lead Belly, Johnny Cash, and Leonard Cohen, while looking into the future of what the two genres have yet to introduce. Remaining true to his Virginia roots, Shaboozey hopes to continue the region’s long-standing tradition of producing some of the most prolific creatives of the new millennium. This time through elevating the scope of contemporary hip-hop and introducing a modern Americana culture to a global audience.

Jeremy Turner – Must’ve Been Drunk


Country singer-songwriter Jeremy Turner has landed onto the country music scene like a breath of fresh air, finding his place very quickly in this fast-changing genre which has exploded over the last few years.

Jeremy’s latest single ‘Must’ve Been Drunk’ pays a tongue-in-cheek homage to a great night out and let’s face it – who hasn’t enjoyed the occasional unforgettable bender?

“Ahhhhh, we’ve all been there – the night where too much fun and too much booze collide! For me, it was the kick-off to my most recent Nashville adventure, a whirlwind of good times, if somewhat hazy. While in town on a writing trip, I found myself at my very first NFL game, indulging in cold brews and classic American hotdogs. The aftermath? Without giving too much away from that fateful night, I woke up with no idea where I was or how I got there….. All I know is that it was a heck of a time. I write the song the following day with fellow Aussies, Phil Barton, and Kylie Sackley. A hangover was never more productive!

Knowing how all my Aussie mates like to party, I like to think this song could somehow be the unofficial drinking song of the year.”

With a voice that is commanding of any festival stage, Jeremy Turner exudes a country music charm and charisma while delivering in depth storytelling. His stage presence is undeniably powerful, emotional, and relatable while inserting that perfect mix of Aussie larrikinism.

Previous singles ‘She Keeps Comin’ Around’ and ‘Try To Stop Me’ gained the attention of Australian Country Radio and industry tastemakers alike. ‘She Keeps Comin’ Around’ reached #23 on the Countrytown airplay charts with major adds on KIX Country and ABC Country, as well as Apple Music playlisting on Today’s Country and Aussie Country. Second single ‘Try To Stop Me’ was featured on ABC Country’s Grass Roots and added to KIX Country and Triple M Country along with major Apple Music playlisting on New Music Daily, 5th Gear, Country Risers and Aussie Country.

Jeremy Turner has captured the hearts of music fans across Australia with his gritty, gifted voice which is reflected in a rapidly growing audience. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch a Jeremy Turner show on a stage near you and make sure his latest single ‘Must’ve Been Drunk’ is added to your favourite playlist.

Flatland Cavalry – Let It Roll (feat. Randy Rogers)

Flatland Cavalry teamed up with their long-time inspiration Randy Rogers for a “joint” release of fan favourite single “Let it Roll” commemorating 4/20. An official music video inspired by “That 70s Show” shot on 35mm accompanied the release.

About Flatland Cavalry

Lubbock roots-country outfit Flatland Cavalry straddles the line between the Panhandle and the badlands of West Texas with their bright, earthy country ballads and gritty folk ramblers. Vocalist and chief songwriter Cleto Cordero’s honest, smooth songwriting revolves around the vernacular world of West Texas that he’s constructed with dusty, sun-soaked character sketches, brooding self-evaluations, and candid love songs that all have the ability to turn into singalong anthems. Based in both Texas and Nashville, Flatland Cavalry is Cordero (vocals, acoustic guitar), Jason Albers (drums), Jonathan Saenz (bass), Reid Dillon (electric guitar, harmonica, second fiddle), Wesley Hall (fiddle) and Adam Gallegos (piano, keys, mandolin, banjo, electric guitar).

Dylan Scott – This Town’s Been Too Good To Us


Curb Records recording artist Dylan Scott has delivered the deluxe edition of his latest album Livin’ My Best Life (Still). In addition to five highly-anticipated unreleased tracks, beloved fan-favourites ‘This Town’s Been Too Good To Us ‘, ‘I’ll Be A Bartender’ and ‘Boys Back Home’ are seen on the expanded 26-song collection.

Scott recently impacted US Country radio with ‘This Town’s Been Too Good To Us’ which has exceeded over 146M streams. Written by Scott and songwriting heavy-hitters John Byron, Ashley Gorley, Taylor Phillips and Ryan Vojtesak, the track finds Scott paying homage to his hometown of Bastrop, Louisiana as he reminisces on the cherished memories that shaped him.

Though he has already established himself as one of Country music’s hottest stars, Scott’s 2022 sophomore album, Livin’ My Best Life elevated his success with each new radio hit and fan favourite: ‘New Truck’, ‘Can’t Have Mine (Find You A Girl)’, ‘Nobody’, and its title track. Draped in the signature feels that define his craftsmanship as a vocalist, artist and songwriter, the album shines a spotlight on his uncanny ability to walk the perfect line between party anthem and soft ballad, tugging at your heart while encouraging you to raise your cup.

Scott’s momentum carries over from his recent success with ‘Can’t Have Mine’, his fourth Country radio No.1 single. This adds to a string of accolades Scott received last year, including ‘Can’t Have Mine’ notching RIAA Certified Gold in June 2023, No. 1 single, ‘New Truck’ securing RIAA Certified Gold, and debut No. 1 single, ‘My Girl’ achieving RIAA Certified 3x Platinum status. Across his expansive catalog, Scott has garnered over 2.6B streams and counting.


Curb Records recording artist Dylan Scott is a triple threat – a powerful vocalist with a deep, unmistakable drawl; an old-soul songwriter with a young spirit; and a family man with a tender heart. The ACM-nominated, multi-Platinum singer has notched four No. 1 singles at radio (“My Girl,” “Nobody,” “New Truck,” and “Can’t Have Mine”), as well as Top 5 hit “Hooked.” Following his first career nomination for “Best New Country Artist” at the all-genre iHeartRadio Music Awards and a coveted spot among Country Radio Seminar’s New Faces of Country Music, his Platinum-certified ode to his wife, “Nobody,” earned him a 2021 CMT Music Award for Breakthrough Video of the Year. Dylan presented the CMT Breakthrough Video of the Year Award at the 2022 CMT Music Awards on CBS. Scott earned a 2023 ACM nomination in the category, New Male Artist of the Year. Alongside Jason Crabb, Scott won his first GMA Dove Award in 2023 for the song, “Good Morning Mercy.” With career streams exceeding 2.6B, the Louisiana native has provided tour support for Garth Brooks, Luke Bryan and Chris Young, among others, cementing him as an in-demand live act. Livin’ My Best Life, the latest album from Scott, features fiery, No.1 single “New Truck,” along with viral TikTok ballad, RIAA-Certified Platinum, No.1 radio single, “Can’t Have Mine (Find You A Girl).”

Tebey – Blinding Lights

In response to explosive fan demand on TikTok, platinum-selling and award-winning artist and songwriter Tebey (pronounced Tay – Bay) has released a country rendition of The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’. Released worldwide, the track has already had over 2.3 million global streams and 18 million impressions on Instagram; airplay in 9 countries; charted on Apple Music in 86 Countries; and hit Top 3 on the Spotify Viral Chart in Sweden and Norway, and the Viral Top 15 in his native Canada.

Tebey first recorded a short snippet of the song and posted it to social media (March 3rd), which generated such an immediate, positive response that his team encouraged him to promptly record a full studio version of the cover. The resulting TikTok clip of Tebey’s take on ‘Blinding Lights’ had over 12 million views in one week, and Tebey’s clips featuring the song have now surpassed 21 million total views. The official lyric video is available to view here.

His unique country twist on the acclaimed, record-breaking pop song rapidly captured the attention of users worldwide. It was even noticed by The Weeknd himself, who posted about the song on Instagram and reposted Tebey’s video on his own page; now his 5th most viewed TikTok video ever.

“It was never my intention to release a fully produced country version of ‘Blinding Lights’. This whole thing has been driven solely by the fans, and their reaction to a performance video I made to foster more connection with them on social media,” said Tebey. “I thought that doing a countrified version of a pop song might be a fun piece of content for fans and gain me some new followers on TikTok and Instagram, but I’m just as shocked as everyone how viral this has gone. Once I saw the reaction my version was getting online, my producer and I literally raced to finish the song and get it out to the streaming platforms within days.”

The fan-driven cover was produced by Danick Dupelle (Tyler Joe Miller, Matt Lang) and Tebey, and views across the artist’s socials continue to build at a rapid rate, with an increase of over 200% on all platforms.

After key country radio programmers expressed interest in receiving the track to keep up with the high demand from the public, the track has now been officially serviced to radio in Canada and multiple other countries worldwide, alongside his current single “Hold Your Horses”, which is currently in the Top 25 of the Canadian country radio chart.


Peterborough, Ontario native and current Nashville resident, Tebey is an award-winning artist, producer and accomplished songwriter with over 100 million streams, 608,000 Canadian radio spins and an audience of 998 Million to date (Mediabase). Overall, he has had four Top 5 Canadian country radio singles, five Top 10 singles and five Top 20 singles as a recording artist. Though he’s been experiencing a steady trajectory for over a decade, the past four years in particular have yielded some of Tebey’s biggest successes. These accomplishments include three #1 songs as a writer: a US Billboard #1 with Justin Moore’s ‘Somebody Else Will’ a Canadian #1 with Gord Bamford’s ‘Dive Bar’ and his first #1 as an artist and writer with his Gold single ‘Who’s Gonna Love You’, which also received a SOCAN award. 2021 saw the release of Tebey’s most successful album to date, The Good Ones, which included multiple Top 10 hits including the title track, a duet with Quebec pop star Marie Mai, followed by the Sink With The Sun EP in 2022. Most recently, Tebey released his single ‘Hold Your Horses’ this past January, which has been rapidly climbing the Canadian country radio chart.

Kelsey Hart – Life With You

New Curb Records artist Kelsey Hart officially unveils “Life With You,” the wedding song of 2024. Beginning today, fans can also watch the sentimental music video for “Life With You,” featuring footage from Hart’s real-life wedding, HERE.

As Hart began teasing the track on his social platforms, “Life With You” immediately struck a chord with listeners. One reel previewing the first-dance ballad has garnered more than 10 million views and 1.5K user generated videos on Instagram, gaining the country riser more than 25K new followers in just two days. Additionally, the clip has received well over 4 million views on TikTok with Hart tallying 10.5K TikTok creates thanks to the instant popularity of the video and the way fans are using the song to soundtrack their lives. The track has also accumulated 14K pre-saves on DSPs.

Originally written for his wife, with whom he recently celebrated one year of marriage, the piano-led mid-tempo selection is a sweet tribute to life’s ordinary moments and a tender ode to a love worthy of long-term commitment. The ballad, used as Hart and his wife’s first dance song at their own wedding, showcases the newcomer’s romantic side following a string of scorching anthems like “Country In Business” and “4×4.”

Pledging forever, Hart penned the song with Scott Stepakoff and Kyle Schlienger. Meanwhile, Blake Bollinger produced the track.

Since landing his first gig at 19 as the lead singer of a local country band, Hart has diligently cultivated his passion for country music and honed his craft as a deft songwriter. After garnering his first album cut in 2017, Hart became an in-demand collaborator when he moved to Nashville, where he quickly established himself as a sought-after co-writer, vocalist and artist on the rise. Hart’s songs have been recorded by Jake Owen, Dylan Scott and Trace Adkins, among others. The newcomer is currently in the studio working on songs he’s excited to share in the months ahead.

About Kelsey Hart:

Curb Records recording artist, songwriter, and Kentucky native Kelsey Hart has quickly secured his place among the best and brightest in the songwriting community, penning songs for hitmakers such as Jake Owen, Dylan Scott, and Trace Adkins. In addition to his songwriting prowess, Kelsey’s own artistry – which has amassed 52 million streams – is making an impact as the launch of his new radio single “Life With You” has garnered over 237M TikTok views, 385K TikTok Creates, debuted in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Country Digital Songs Chart, and reached #1 on the Hot 30 Weekend Countdown on SiriusXM The Highway. Hart’s previously released debut EP, Give You Mine, marked Hart’s official foray into the artist spotlight, a place he’s dreamed of being since his childhood days of belting gospel music from the passenger seat in his dad’s truck.

Kirsty Lee Akers – Girls Are Why The West Is Wild

Kirsty Lee Akers is in her Cowgirl Era with… GIRLS ARE WHY THE WEST IS WILD

In the realm where melodies meet magic, 2 time Golden Guitar winner and star of The Block – Kirsty Lee Akers strides forth in her Cowgirl Era, a spirit woven with threads of the wild frontier.

Welcoming the dawn of 2024, Kirsty unveils her latest ode, “Girls Are Why The West Is Wild.” A song for the cowgirls, the untamed hearts and the daring souls who roam free.

Penned in Nashville alongside hit songwriters Kirsti Manna and Bill DiLuigi, this anthem marries grit with grace. “In June of last year, I attended a co-writing session in Nashville. Arriving a little early, I found Bill DiLuigi already there. Although we had just met, it was clear that Bill had done his homework and understood me as an artist. While waiting for Kirsti to join us, Bill shared an idea he had, which I instantly loved. Before long, we had a chorus ready. When Kirsti arrived, she quickly added her touch of magic,” Kirsty shares.

Once again, Kirsty steps into the producer’s role alongside co-producer Paul Bain to breathe life into this track. With the banjo strings harmonizing with Kirsty’s vocals, creating a blend reminiscent of Dolly Parton and Lainey Wilson, each listener is sure to remember the moment when they first heard “Girls Are Why The West Is Wild.”

“Girls Are Why The West Is Wild” is now available for streaming on all platforms.