Ron Sinclair – A Man Of Many Words

Ron has been a singer/guitarist for many years and has also recently written a book called PROUSTY – A Man Of Many Words. This song is linked to the book and the subject of the book, the Australian bush poet PROUSTY, and describes how Prousty went from being ‘A boy who found it hard to read and write’, to becoming ‘A man of many words’.

Also known as Fireman Ron he is sometimes seen with his wife Di on the TV show ‘Whats Up Downunder’ and also writes articles for the Whats Up Downunder eMagazine.

Although having been a working musician for over forty years, this is Ron’s first ever music release. It is a song that comes from his heart and which tells the story of his mate Prousty who died in 2021. The song was written way back in 2002 when Ron started writing poetry with Prousty and was blown away by Prousty’s talent, especially as Prousty had grown up as a dyslexic child with poor reading and writing skills.

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