Dave Herrera – Shades

Dave Herrera has a way of writing thought-provoking material, as demonstrated in this NEW Single “Shades,” a tale about a woman who catches a man’s eye with her dark sunglasses that aren’t used to block the sun, but as a barrier to the outside world. But once she pulls up the shades, one realizes there’s something deeper.

Herrera said “it’s not easy to meet people, more specifically a significant other, as OPENING UP is not an easy thing to do” as Herrera wrote in his lyrics “hiding your eyes won’t hide ya; cause only the sun shines brighter; fix a broken heart; if you look my way; let down your guard pull up those shades”.

Herrera wrote the track with the help of Cory Coppin and Kale Coppin co-writers and produced the track with co-producer Jeff Balding. “Shades” was recorded at WestRoc Studios.

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