Natalie Nicole Gilbert feat. Chris Sloan – Easy On Me

Smooth soul vocalist Natalie Nicole Gilbert teams up with singer/songwriter Chris Sloan for this power packed duet version of Adele’s Easy On Me. When the song went live on SoundCloud it amassed over 16,000 streams in just the first few days.

The simmering mezzo voice of Gilbert with the tenor vibrato of Sloan melds into a perfect union that brings plenty of romance to this track about a relationship hitting hard times. Sloan’s natural sound leans rock, while Gilbert has a passion for soulful power ballads and acoustic originals. Their harmonizing rings as true as if they’d been performing together for years.

Natalie Nicole Gilbert is based in Los Angeles, with Chris Sloan in Seattle. The two have never met in person, or even hopped on a Zoom or phone call, but the way their voices melt together brings to mind the Civil Wars.

Impacting radio and available now on all major digital music outlets.

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