Sabrina Durante – Saddle Up

Bursting from the stables to the stage, the triple threat singer-songwriter, actress and equestrian star Sabrina Durante is riding to the top with her new single ‘Saddle Up’.

Her debut single ‘Glad Its Not Me’ made waves across Australia in early 2022, with over 300 spins on radio and adds on Kix and Triple M Country.

With her sparkling smile and signature bejeweled Akubra to match, has spent many years in theatre and TV as well as most recently as the leading lady of popular Gold Coast live attraction ‘Australian Outback Spectacular’.

But it’s music and horseriding that have always been her first loves, with ‘Saddle Up’ combining both in a song that will resonate with both city and country fans alike.

“Horses have been such a big part of my life, right from when I was born. I have forever lived and breathed everything to do with horses growing up on my family’s property. ,” said Sabrina Durante.

“I was inspired to write this song to remind myself, and everyone, that sometimes you need to take a step back from reality. To do the things that make you remember who you are, and what really matters. Just like the old saying ‘get back on the horse’. For me. To “Saddle Up. ” is my escape; the place I ground myself, and find peace from daily stresses.

As well as graduating NIDA and starring in stage productions ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘ High School Musical’ and TV’s ‘Love Child’, Sabrina Durante has a long history in equestrian, winning Australian National Equestrian Championships multiple times in the show horse discipline and being a member of the Queensland Dressage Squad.

“It’s easy to forget about the important things when life gets heavy and things get tough. But it’s in these moments we truly have to return back to what’s most important in life, and to me, that is being happy. ‘Saddle Up’ was written as a reminder of that. Happiness is found in people, places, moments – and those are the things I turn to when life feels like it’s not on my side.”

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