Hinterland – Stay In Your Lane

Gold Coast country stars Hinterland have always run their own race. From launching the band during COVID lockdowns, through to coming out of the gate with made-for-stadium country-rock stompers, the band have taken artistic decisions and a career path that has been uniquely Hinterland .

‘ Stay In Your Lane ‘, the group’s sixth single takes a distinctly country turn, shelving the big sound of their chart hits ‘Loud’ and ‘Treating Me Good’ for a more traditional country sing-a-long flavour that will delight both old fans and new alike.

“‘ Stay In Your Lane ‘ is about focusing on your own journey and success, not comparing yourself to others,” said vocalist Jesse Emmanuel. “I think we’re all guilty of it from time to time and often we overlook our own wins and don’t give ourselves enough credit if we aren’t kicking the same goals as someone else. But everyone is on a different path and has a unique story.”

Hinterland’s unique story began with the members playing together in duos The Bostocks (Rachel and Robbie) and The Daisy Dukes (Rachel and Jesse) before combining to pursue their mutual goal of becoming an original country music stadium act. Rachel Bostock is one of the most revered violinists in Australia and a 3 time Golden Fiddle Award winner. Robbie Bostock is a National Songwriting Award winner and has toured the world playing guitar on the biggest stages with some of our huge homegrown talent. Jesse Emmanuel (daughter of legendary guitarist Phil Emmanuel) also has an APRA Songwriter Award under her belt and has co-written recent hits for Taylor Moss, Sabrina Durante and many more.

With their big stomping singles ‘In The Hinterland’, ‘ Loud’, ‘Giddy Up’ and ‘Treating Me Good’ all hitting the top 10 of the Countrytown radio charts, ‘ Stay In Your Lane’ shows a softer, more traditional side to the band.

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